Thursday, March 18, 2010

Puffy Shamrock

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and of course we did a fun craft.

1. We printed out Shamrocks from this site onto card stock

2. Cut up green tissue paper into about 1" squares

3. With the eraser end of a pencil we pressed the square around the paper

4. Dip the end around the eraser into glue

5. Pop it onto the Shamrock and repeated over and over and over.

6. When the shamrock is totally covered, glue ribbon onto the back so you can hang it!

Makenzie loved it but Kylan said it was BORING...well I guess that's an 8 yr old boy for you! You can do this craft with any pattern and any color of tissue or crepe paper. For Easter we are going to make crosses, Easter eggs, bunnies and flowers although we are going to glitter some of those too.

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