Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mommy daughter date

Makenzie and I had a mommy daughter date today. Kylan got to spend the night at his friend's house last night so today was a girly day. We went shopping, she picked breakfast at Panera, took pics of her in her Hanbok, played at the park and enjoyed being with each other.

Makenzie in her Korean Hanbok

Our friends went to S. Korea last year and we asked them to pick out Hanboks for the kids and they did a wonderful job. Both of the kids hanboks are gorgeous. If you have any questions about adoption or for the homeschoolers out there info on South Korea please feel free to contact us! We have gone to some of the schools in our area and done an hour demonstation on South Korean culture so if you are interested let me know.

OKC zoo

Spray park in OKC

Lake Hefner

At the Garnett's house


We have these great friends in OKC that we met through our adoption agency. They were adopting Bailey through Dillon International at the same time that we were adopting Makenzie. The girls have been lifelong friends...even before they came home from S. Korea they were destined to be friends. Kylan puts up with the girls but he likes to hang out with Bay's brothers Tanner and Tyler and they are teenagers so he's lucky if he gets the chance to hang with the older boys. We always have so much fun with the Garnett's. Over the long weekend we went to Lake Hefner, hung out at their house, went to the park, played games, ate (we are Mika's official taste testers for new recipes), went to the OKC Zoo and went shopping. We packed in the fun for a long weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Kevin found a little turtle in our yard and told the kids they could have it for a pet (oh joy). I'm not a big reptile person so I just told them that they have to wash their hands everytime after they touch it YUCK!!! Anyway it is kinda cute but not cute enough for me to touch. They named it (not sure of gender) Quickster because it is really quick for a turtle!

Check out my Slide Show!

Today Makenzie went to a friends birthday party for 4 hours so Kylan and I had a mommy son date. First we went and got his hair cut, then he picked Taco Bueno for lunch, then we went to the FUMC in Owasso and took pics of him in his Korean Hanbok and he tells me, "MOM BOYS AREN'T MADE TO WEAR PINK" check out his hanbok it has PINK all over Korea it's very common for boys to wear pink especially on their hanboks and I also had to remind him that the very first time I met him while we were still in Korea he was wearing a pink outfit. So, he tolerated it for me but he said, "Please don't tell Dad that I had to wear pink today he will be so embarrassed for me" I thought that was so funny because we have never told him that boys don't wear pink or that it's a girly color or anything like that. After the pics we went to Funtastic Island and played and then had snow cones and he told me his new favorite flavor is lemon so his was lemon and if you check out some of the pics you can see his teeth and lips and tongue turned bright yellow. We had them check to make sure no red dye in the snow cones and the owner was telling me that red dye allergies are becoming more and more common because he has moms ask almost on a daily basis so I guess Kylan isn't the only one out there allergic to red dye!

Prayers for the Chapman family

Please keep Steven Curtis Chapman and his whole family in your prayers. Their youngest daughter that was adopted from China was run over by a car that their son was driving. This must be a horrible time for the family. I can't imagine having to live through this horror so we need to lift their whole family up in prayer. If you want to know more click here. They also have a blog you can check out here

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Totem pole park

For more info on Totem Pole park click here. We decided to take the drive out to Foyil, OK and see the world's largest totem pole. It was very large and we had a great picnic lunch and the kids had fun running around playing.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Boys will be boys!

He thought it would be cool to take a picture of his dirty feet and hands! YUCK!!!

Of course he got muddy prints on the back door!
He's showing me some worm that was really cool.

Kylan has this little mud pit in the backyard where our boat and travel trailer used to be parked and now that we have sold them we have a great place for a little boy to get dirty!

Pics of the water ball

Water ball! This is the water ball that I was telling everyone about. The kids just love it!

Jennifer's favorite things

Instead of Oprah's favorite things this is Jennifer's favorite things...sorry ladies I don't have any of these items to give away like Oprah! That would be really cool!

1. Water ball
The kids were so excited because I found this really cool water ball. You attach it to your water hose and blow it up with air and then the water comes out some holes and sprays you! The kids LOVED it and therefore mommy loved it too.

2. Google Reader
Another of my favorite things is something that my sis in law turned me reader! It's awesome! I can read all of my blogs daily and look at one page to see which one have new posts and which don't! If you haven't tried it then give it a try!

3. Photo books
Everyone that knows me knows that my passion is scrapbooking! I have found something really cool that anyone and everyone can do and it's kind of like a scrapbook but so much easier! It's called a photo book and I am loving them! You can buy them from all kinds of places like snapfish, wal-greens, shutterfly, kodak and many, many other places but my favorite is

4. Aldi
Aldi is a grocery store but you have to know a few things about it before you go. They make you pay a quarter for the shopping cart and you get it back when you turn in your cart, you either need to bring your own shopping bags with you or buy them at the store (if you bring your own then you are "going green and helping the environment"), and most things are so much more inexpensive then Wal-Mart or your typical grocery store. My friend Donna P tipped me off to Aldi.

5. Just between friends or JBF
If you don't know about JBF then check your area to see if there is one available but we have several in our area and one in our town. They are only open 2 times per year but are WONDERFUL! It's a childrens consignment sale and you can sell your items and then go buy almost new items for your own children. Mine are very spoiled and have a TON of clothes due to JBF. For more info check out

of course I have many, many more things that are my favorite but these are just a few of them! Post your favorite things on your blog so I can check them out!

Honesty is the best policy!

Of course everyone has heard that honesty is the best policy so that's why I am surprised at how many people have privately emailed and said that they would have taken the money too! Thanks to all of you that are honest and said you would have given it back. Remember not only is God watching but many times our children are watching how we handle ourselves in public and they in return will copy this!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What would you do?

On one of our trips to WDW I was walking along and noticed a large pile of money on the ground so I picked it up and looked around for the owner then counted it and it was $65 mostly in $1's. No one claimed it or said anything so I walked along looking at people when I noticed a couple with 2 little girls and they were all upset and speaking in Spanish so I don't know what they were saying. I walked up to them and asked if they were ok and had they lost something? The lady said yes they had lost all the money they had saved and saved for this special day at WDW and now they wouldn't be able to eat or buy drinks or anything. I asked how much and she told me EXACTLY how much so I gave them the money. They were very thankful and couldn't believe that I would give them their money back and called me a good samaritan.
I was tellling a person I know about this today and she said, "I would have kept the money and not thought twice about should have too" this really made me sad because I have known her for years and went to church with her for years. Why wouldn't I give the money to the lady??? I know how I would feel if I had lost money and I also believe that God blesses those that are kind and honest and this is supposed to be one of the "happiest places on earth" but it would have been so sad for that family to not be able to eat. Leave me a comment and let me know what you would have done.

Daily walk

Every morning the kids and I get up and take a walk around our neighborhood, sometimes we go to the park but most of the time we just walk the dog, the kids either ride their bikes or scooters. We enjoy it so much but today this big, white, fluffy dog kept following us and it kind of freaked me out a little at first because you never know how Trix is going to act around big dogs. He's such a little guy but thinks he's a big, bad dog. He did fine and this dog followed us home so I checked it for a collar and yes it had a collar but no sad because it was beautiful! Animal control came and picked it up and said it was a great pyrenees. I should have taken a picture of it but I was too worried about getting rid of it with animal control to take a picture. We adopted our dog Trix from the Owasso animal shelter and we've had him for 2 yrs now and he's bee the BEST dog we've ever had so if you need a pet click here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Just wanted to wish all of you Mom's out there a very happy Mother's Day! Hope it was as good as mine was.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother/Daughter Tea

Every year Makenzie and I attend a Mother/Daughter tea. Last year my mom and sister and I came up with the idea of having our own tea because the little girls were very bored at the large tea party we used to attend. So, Makenzie and I hosted it last year and Grammy hosted it this year will be Kellee and her girls turn. We had a great time and the girls all got to practice using their table manners for a tea party. We played games, had a scrumptious lunch and tea, took pictures and visited.

End of school program

The kids had their end of the year program last week. They were both in the dance for High School Musical and all of the kids did a great job performing!


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