Friday, May 16, 2008

Jennifer's favorite things

Instead of Oprah's favorite things this is Jennifer's favorite things...sorry ladies I don't have any of these items to give away like Oprah! That would be really cool!

1. Water ball
The kids were so excited because I found this really cool water ball. You attach it to your water hose and blow it up with air and then the water comes out some holes and sprays you! The kids LOVED it and therefore mommy loved it too.

2. Google Reader
Another of my favorite things is something that my sis in law turned me reader! It's awesome! I can read all of my blogs daily and look at one page to see which one have new posts and which don't! If you haven't tried it then give it a try!

3. Photo books
Everyone that knows me knows that my passion is scrapbooking! I have found something really cool that anyone and everyone can do and it's kind of like a scrapbook but so much easier! It's called a photo book and I am loving them! You can buy them from all kinds of places like snapfish, wal-greens, shutterfly, kodak and many, many other places but my favorite is

4. Aldi
Aldi is a grocery store but you have to know a few things about it before you go. They make you pay a quarter for the shopping cart and you get it back when you turn in your cart, you either need to bring your own shopping bags with you or buy them at the store (if you bring your own then you are "going green and helping the environment"), and most things are so much more inexpensive then Wal-Mart or your typical grocery store. My friend Donna P tipped me off to Aldi.

5. Just between friends or JBF
If you don't know about JBF then check your area to see if there is one available but we have several in our area and one in our town. They are only open 2 times per year but are WONDERFUL! It's a childrens consignment sale and you can sell your items and then go buy almost new items for your own children. Mine are very spoiled and have a TON of clothes due to JBF. For more info check out

of course I have many, many more things that are my favorite but these are just a few of them! Post your favorite things on your blog so I can check them out!

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Kelley G said...

On JBF, I have been a consignor for years. I have figured out a secret I thought I would share:

My kids really look forward to JBF because before every sale, we gather all our old or unwanted toys and place them in the sale.

Their reward----One gift (up to ~$30) of their choice from Toys R Us.

We get rid of clutter, they get a new toy and I have cash to spend on school clothes!

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