Thursday, December 27, 2007

Connie and Katelyn

Katelyn got this really cute towel that is princess and it has a crown on the hood...Connie wore it and I got a pic but what I really like was the pic of her hugging Katelyn. Isn't that the best gift...hugging and loving on your child???

Christmas 2007

Christmas was so wonderful! It's so much fun watching the kids! Kylan didn't really want to get up this year...he wanted to sleep in! Once he got downstairs it took him a couple of minutes but he got into the swing of things and was so excited...he is really good about guessing what is in each wrapped gift! Kenzie was so cute and they both told us that they were thankful to God for being so blessed...sometimes kids surprise you they are actually listening to all the things that you tell them.

We went to church on Christmas eve and it was so peaceful and we really enjoyed the service. The kids took their first communion and Kylan may not be quite old enough because when we walked out he said, "That blood and skin was good". They also had a candlelight service and the kids got to hold their own candles...they were so excited.

Then, we came home and made our sugar cookies for Santa, we put out the Santa key (because we don't have a chimney for our's a gas one), put out the reindeer food, then they got to open thier traditional Christmas eve gift...pajamas and slippers! This year the pj's were from Grandma and Grandpa Dees but the slippers were from us.

In the morning we got up and opened gifts and then Grammy came over for a little while and exchanged gifts with us and then she went back to Kellee's for the day...I was excited because
she gave me a Rachael Ray knife that I was looks so lethal!!
That afternoon we went to Marilynn and Lynn's for dinner and to exchange gifts. We had a great time and this year we had 3 new people....Gigi, Tiffany and Kinley the newbies!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas with the Arnold's

Tonight Dec. 22nd we had Christmas with the Arnold's at Grammy's house. We had fondue and opened gifts from each other and then from the Dees side of the family! I have to say that we are all so very blessed!!! The kids were all excited as were the adults. Kevin received many OU gifts (Jake and Kellee got OSU)and I received a crocheted blanket in my very favorite color of BURGUNDY!!! The kids received a bunch of things including, games, purses, binoculars, transformers, ornaments and were all Very excited about everything and then all of the girls got jewelry from Grandma Choo choo and Grandpa Joe and the loved their bling bling...I have pics to prove it! Kenzie helped Kellee and me have a flashback to the 80's because she got 3 pr of leg warmers....remember those for all children of the 80's!!?? I think Gigi really enjoyed watching the kids open gifts and Brooke's little squeals were really adorable! Poor Devin wasn't feeling that well and come to find out he has strep!~!! UCH

The kids make very special gifts with Grammy for us parents and we look forward to them every year this year Kevin got a chest painted with OU and a football and it's to keep his ticket stubs in and I got a long banner and every Christmas I am to hang and add a fabric snowflake to it that shows the height of the kids and it says, "Let it snow, watch us grow" very cool idea! I wonder if they will still let me do it when they are teenagers...I doubt it but a mom can always hope!

I feel very blessed because 8 years ago we didn't have any children and only wondered if we would ever have them. God has truly blessed us with these 2 precious gifts, and for them I am VERY thankful each and every day and also for the wonderful husband that works so hard for our family!

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