Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taking a break

Just wanted to let you know I'm taking a couple of weeks off because I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and need a little break. I will be back on here sometime in June!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Resurrection Sunday Dance, Budapest, Hungary

This is such a cool video and it must have taken a lot of work to put it all together but it's so cool!!! I loved it and wanted to share with all of my readers!

A $50 gift certificate give a way

My daughter's blog Punky Monkey Missions is hosting it's first give-a-way and I just wanted to encourage everyone to go over and sign up, you never know you might be a winner!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Josie House-a scrapbook retreat

I love to scrapbook and haven't been on a scrapbook retreat in a couple of years because our life has gotten way to busy. April was the month for the home school moms retreat and a scrapbook retreat. Kevin was so great with the kids, he took them to an airplane show and out to an all you can eat seafood buffet at The Hard Rock Hotel.
This scrapbook retreat was at The Josie House bed and breakfast in Coweta, it's a cute house to stay at and we had a great time and I got lots of scrapbooking and crafting done!!! If you need a couple of nights away for a place for girlfriends to gather it's the perfect spot!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

We have a budding photographer...


Everytime we go out and about I usually carry my camera with me so I can snap some pictures for the blog and so I can scrapbook. Recently Makenzie has asked to borrow the camera and she's come up with some pretty great photographs so I'm thinking about finding a photography class for her to take or maybe get a friend that's a photographer to teach her, that's how I found my passion for photography was by taking a class that a friend taught. Let us know what you think of her photographs and please don't critique too hard because she's only 9! I was telling her she should enter the state fair childrens photography contest, what do you think???

Friday, May 07, 2010

My irises are blooming!

Many years ago my step-mom, Deena gave me a bunch of iris bulbs because iris are my favorite flower and she had received a bunch of bulbs from my Grandma Tinker before she died. That is one thing that my grandma loved a lot was irises and she had a bunch of colors and different kinds. Every year I would hope that my irises would bloom and every year the purple ones would but non of the other colors would but this year I have yellow, a pinkish color and of course the purple ones. I'm in iris heaven!!! When Kevin and I got married we even had an iris on the front of our wedding invitations and iris were in my bouquet.
What is your favorite flower??? Do you have a story about them? I also love TULIPS but have not had any luck with them, not sure why they just won't grow in my flower bed. I had one lone tulip come up last year and I was sad because I had planted a bunch of tulip bulbs. So far none have come up this year...

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tall Grass Prairie

While staying at Osage Hills State Park we decided to take a small day trip to Pawhuska, OK and visit the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve it was so fitting since we have been using the Prairie Primer curriculum this year, we had a lot of things to talk about and study while at the preserve. My favorite things was the buffalo and of course since we have studied them we found out that their true name is bison not buffalo. They had over 2600 bison just wondering around on the prairie and it was beautiful with the baby calves running around...we loved it.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another buffalo-Nickelangelo


Sponsor: 66 Federal Credit Union

Artist: Cindy Bennett

Located at 66 FCU, 2612 SE Washington Blvd.
  Everytime we go to Bartelsville we try to find a new buffalo to have the kids pic taken with and this one was cute with Buffalo nickels painted all over it. For more pics of the Bartlesville Buffalo click here

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Black Eyed Peas flashmob

I saw this on Oprah last year and thought it was the coolest thing and think it would be AMAZING to be in a flashmob!!!

The little cabin

Last week Kevin was on vacation and we had a lot of things to do around our house and we are still looking at houses so that took up a lot of last week but we really wanted to get away and only had 2 days to do it. Kevin came up with the idea that we would rent a cabin at Osage Hills State Park and it was a wonderful idea! We had a great time hiking, roasting hot dogs and making s'mores, geocaching, fishing, playing at the parks (they had several at the camp grounds) we recommend it to everyone that lives in the area. The rangers were so nice and helpful and even checked to make sure we were having a good time and no problems! We took a lot of pics so enjoy!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

OKC Showstoppers dance competition

Kylan with his trophy, ribbons and medals

The zombies

Kenzie's "zombie" look

Kylan's alien team

We were so happy the Garnetts came to cheer the kids on! Kenzie and Bay have been friends since the beginning of our adoption process...before Kenzie came home we were friends with her parents!

Makenzie and Eythan after their solos with the best dance teachers, Shayna and Adam.

Before Kenzie's "Jack in the Box" solo

A couple of weekends ago the kids had a dance competition in OKC and they did really good! Kylans team Lil' Force got Gold First for Hip Hop and 5th overall for all dance styles, Kenzie's team Fearless Force got Platinum First for Hip Hop and 6th place overall for all dance styles. Kenzie got a Gold First for her solo and her friends that did solos and a duet all did AWESOME too! We are so proud of the hard work these kids put in each and every week, they are all very dedicated to dance and have a passion for it. We are so greatful to Shayna and Adam their dance teachers because they put their heart and soul into their dance and it shines through and shows in the kids dance.

The Flirtation Experiment-book review and giveaway

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