Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Whole30 day 2

I made it through yesterday with no slip ups of any kind, yeah for me.  As I was perusing The Clothes Make the Girl's blog (once again) I found this savory recipe for cauliflower rice.  I'd never heard of such a thing until I started this Whole30 lifestyle.  Notice I only have that little tiny chopper so I had to make it in really tiny batches, but 1 large cauliflower head did make a lot.  I put it in a Lock and Lock container or as it's known in my family a Lincoln Log...long story and you have to know my crazy-fun sister in law Connie.  Enough about that here's the Oven Roasted Cauliflower Rice link so you can get started on it.  I really think this is a staple with the Whole30 and you must have it in your fridge at all times. BTW you don't have to roast it in the oven you can fry it up in a pan. Hmmmm that reminds me of a song about bacon.  Speaking of bacon, it's hard to find with no sugar in it!  I'm on a search for no sugar bacon and you know I'll find it eventually.

For dinner I baked a sweet potato and ate it with nothing on it. Shocking I know!  Where's the butter, brown sugar and marshmallows?  Nope, nada, just a creamy, melt in your mouth sweet potato that needed nothing on it and I savored every bite. I need to work on filling my plate with veggies but hey it's only day 2 I'm still working on it.  You also see the cauliflower rice, chicken, avocado and tomatoes. Day 2 is done!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It Starts With Food-My Whole30 adventure

Over the past couple of years I've tried to get healthier by eating better, working out, taking my supplements and I even started using essential oils.  I just started this new adventure of "eating clean".  I know this probably isn't new to some of you but whoa, it's a huge step for me!  I didn't even know where to start because lets face it I love sugar, dairy, grains and legumes.  With Whole30 you cut those from your diet for at least 30 days.  I watched friends posting on Facebook and speaking a new language like Paelo, cauliflower rice, coconut flour, no nitrites (not new to me), spirilizer and veggetti. What do all of these things mean and how can I get them?  Do I need them?

I decided to share my adventure with you because I'm such a newbie and it's a whole new world.  Maybe I'll helps someone.  I've found some AMAZING websites and I draw a lot of inspiration from them and also printed out a notebook full of their recipes.  My 2 faves so far are

Nom Nom Paleo

 and The Clothes Make the Girl 

she even has some amazing Paleo cookbooks

I started by reading the book It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, You should buy it and read it or you can head over to their website they have downloads, videos, recipes, a blog and a whole support community.
 Front Cover EatWhole30-Instagram

I never ever would have dreamed that I would want to try this type of "diet" but it has been so easy for me!  I love it and will probably transition to Paelo which is very similar to Whole30 but not quite as strict.  Whole30 resets your metabolism and your taste buds, totally amazing!

Ok so today is DAY 1 of whole30 and this what I had for breakfast a spinach, onion and tomato fritatta and it was delicious! I found this recipe at Whole Life Eating more great recipes on his blog.

I hope you'll follow and encourage me on my Whole30 journey!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

4 moves in 2 years

Closing Day!

I can't believe it's been over a year since I've blogged.  Oh my goodness where has the time gone?  If you were following us you probably knew we sold our house and moved 4 times in less than 2 years.  Here's a re-cap

1. Moved in with my in-laws for 5 months

2. Then we were house sitters for our friends the Rowdens.

The Rowdens went to Uganda to adopt their lil' guy and were gone for 2 months. It was a huge blessing to house sit for them while they were out of the country.

3. Next, we moved into my brother in laws house and took care of it while he was going through all of his cancer treatments. I'm thankful to say that he's in remission and doing pretty good!

4. While living at his house we found a house in Tulsa that was partially built, we were able to pick out all of the colors and make some minor changes to the floor plan.

Front of our house with stone going on this was the day we signed the paperwork to say we wanted it.

Some friends helped us write scriptures on the cement floor throughout the whole house. We prayed over the house and our family and  we feel so relaxed and at ease here.

We love our big kitchen and have enjoyed hosting lots of friends and family.  We're so thankful for our new home!

Here it is all built and with our cars in the driveway

We moved in on May 2nd, 2014 almost 2 years after selling our house.  WHEW that was quite a ride!  God knew what He was doing throughout everything, it was like a puzzle trying to figure out what would happen next.  I'm happy we had that journey because we learned a lot but I'm equally happy that it's finally over.

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