Monday, November 30, 2009

Scarves for missions

Punky Monkey Missions has been selling scarves to raise money for an adoption fund raiser. If you want to buy a scarf then let me know! Here is a sample of one scarf for more go to Punky Monkey Missions.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The scorpion
The birthday girl with Edward

Toby Keiths

Having fun

What do scorpions, New Moon, birthdays, and Toby Keith all have in common? Well all of that happened last night. I was getting ready to meet some girls to go eat at Toby Keiths Bar and Grill and I decided I wanted to wear my black boots so I grabbed them out of my closet put them on and hopped in the car and drove off. As I was driving my foot had this horrible pain in it like I had been shot in the bottom of my foot, so I pulled over on the side of the road and tore my boot off and pulled my sock off and a tiny little stinger like thing was sticking in the bottom of my foot so I pulled it out but it was really hurting by now so I grabbed my boot and shook it and out comes a tiny scorpion! I've NEVER even seen a scorpion in our house and until the past couple of years didn't even know we had them in Oklahoma. I called Kevin and he googled scorpion sting treatments and I met up with the girls and they helped take care of me. We ended up eating at Toby Keiths and had fun before seeing the midnight showing of New Moon and it was Leah's birthday too! Good times were had by all and it's a night I won't forget. Now I know to shake my shoes before putting them on because I NEVER want to feel that pain again!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's official, we have a virus!

Our family has been sick a lot over the past year and now our computer is sick, it has more then 1 virus it has 37!!! Kevin took it to the computer hospital and now it's back home and doing well. We missed it while it was gone and we're so happy to have it back! LOL, it almost seems like I'm talking about a person here....that might be a bad thing!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What is it?

Kevin and I have started buying a 1/4 of a cow every year and part of a hog. So, we have fresh beef and fresh pork. We know how they were raised and that they were not fed hormones but when I went to pick up the meat at the butcher, this time I found that we had a Pikes Peak Roast. Does anyone know what that is and how you cook it? Should I cook it in the crockpot like I normally cook a roast??? If youi have answers please fill me in! We also had Arkansas bacon with our hog...and I don't know what it is either...totally clueless about both of these!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Couponing saved me $180 last week

Last week my friend Monica came to dance class and was talking about all of the deals she had gotten with coupons and she gave me a box of zantac that she had gotten for free! I decided to look into couponing and she told me about and she went over some of the deals with me and I ended up getting 8 tubes of Almay mascara and 8 boxes of diet Snapple singles to go for only $6 it saved me $76 at WalGreens, then on to Target buy 2 Wii games get 1 free and also a $10 off coupon so I saved $60 on Wii games for Christmas plus some coupons at Target for cereal saved $19, and finally at WalMart we saved exactly $25 just by using some coupons. If you want to get some great deals and live in the 918 area code head on over to the 918couponqueen website and see what she is recommending for this week! Total money saved from using coupons just last week $180. Thanks Monica and 918couponqueen!!!

Friday, November 06, 2009

BA nature center

Check out that giant leaf

We had so much fun exploring the BA nature park and center and collecting "fall" items on our nature walk! While we were there we found some GIANT leaves and the kids loved them, we also found some Osage Oranges which are beautiful for fall decorating!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Another snake in the house...eeek!

I am TOTALLY freaked out by snakes and we have had 2 in our house this year! FREAKS me out, how do they get inside of your house???? I do know that they are little tiny snakes and will not hurt me but they still freak me out! One of was upstairs in the hallway, how did it get upstairs??? Does anyone know??? We have lived in this house for 10 years and never had a snake in the house before and then this year 2 in the past 3 months....what's up with that????

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Zombie dancers

Kenzie getting her zombie makeup
Do they look scarey???

Kelsey looks freaky...her hair was AWESOME!

It doesn't even look like Kenzie does it??? What have they done to my sweet little princess???

Nice hair!

Makenzie has been dancing with a dance team for 1 yr and today was their first performance with their new dance that they are going to do for competition this year. Shayna (thier dance instructor) has them dancing as Zombies and they looked really good! Well my camera wouldn't record during the dance so I didn't get video of it but I got video of the breakdancers and Shayna and Adam dancing and I will add those videos later on.

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