Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Semester Fun

In November I told a little bit about the FREE curriculum that we are using from Guest Hollow, I told how much we love the curriculum and shared some of my favorite pics.  Now, the first semester is over and I wanted to share some more pictures from some of our fun projects.

We learned about the Navajo, we know quite a bit about them since I was born in New Mexico and lived in the 4 corners area for the first part of my life.  We made pretend Navajo jewelry by wrapping a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil and tracing an intricate design onto it.  We then put macaroni in a baggie with turquoise food coloring and some alcohol.  We let that dry and then made designs with it.

We had a unit on the Nez Perce (I had never heard of them and was excited to learn more myself), the Northwest Coast Native Americans and the Inuit.  We learned a lot and had fun while learning.  Here are some of my favorite pictures along the way.

While studying about the Inuit we learned that they eat a lot of salmon so we had to try it.  Kylan and I loved it but Kenzie didnt' like it at all. We also studied the life cycle of the salmon and learned that many are in danger due to all of the dams that have been built.

We also built igloos out of sugar cubes, we found that icing and glue don't work as well as the hot glue gun did.  We then mixed white school glue with shaving cream to make the puffy "snow".  Even though my kids are in 5th and 7th grade they still enjoy all of the hands on activities and that makes this mama happy!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Patch the buffalo

Over the past several years our family has loaded and headed up to Bartlesville to eat at our favorite historic restaurant Murphy's Steakhouse.  We always talk about trying something new and in the end all 4 of us always opt for the famous hot hamburger with gravy overall. Yes, it's definitely a heart attack on a plate but we figure since we only eat it once or twice a year it most likely won't end up killing us.
On the way to Murphy's we just happened to spot an artistic buffalo that we hadn't gotten a picture of.  This one was sponsored by the Boy's Scouts.  Here's all the info on it.


Sponsor: Boy Scouts of America - Cherokee Area Council #469

Artist:Erinn Rakes

Located at BSA Cherokee Area Council, 520 S. Quapaw

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was our castle!

Make This Model Medieval Castle (Usborne Cut-Out Models)

Photo: Created with PicFrame.
As the sayings goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day."  Well, neither was our Medieval Castle that was our big project last year for Rome to the Reformation with My Father's World.  You only need glue, a pair or scissors and some patience to build this replica of a Medieval Castle (there were over 90 pieces to cut out and glue).  We had a lot of fun listening to books on CD while we cut out the pieces and glued them together, it did take us several weeks to finish this intricate castle but it's something we will never forget.  We were so excited to watch it rise up from just pages in a book to this 14th century castle with a moat and a working drawbridge. 
 I highly recommend it if you can find the Usborne book Make this Medieval Castle.  It's currently not showing up as available on but click on the provided link just in case the status changes.

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Lions, tigers and bears (oh my)

Have you seen the latest and not so greatest trend in pet grooming?  It's called Extreme Grooming and has been a huge trend in China over the past couple of years and has made it to the US.  Grooming your pet to look like another animal...why?  Why, would you want to do that to your poor pet?  Also, do we have enough extra time and money on our hands that we resort to making out pet look like a totally different animal now.

Here are so of the examples I'm talking about, these are all dogs groomed to look like something else.


Did you hear about Chales the Monarch?  He's an adorable Labradoodle that has been groomed to look like a lion.  He caused panic in his hometown when he was seen running the streets.  Watch the video below to see him in action.


I'd be tempted to dial 911 if I saw this guy running down the street, especially if I didn't see his cute face.


or at least Panda Bears

of course if you've always wanted a zebra then you are in luck!

or how about a buffalo/bison. We live in Oklahoma so I can see this one becoming popular here...
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