Thursday, January 03, 2013

Lions, tigers and bears (oh my)

Have you seen the latest and not so greatest trend in pet grooming?  It's called Extreme Grooming and has been a huge trend in China over the past couple of years and has made it to the US.  Grooming your pet to look like another animal...why?  Why, would you want to do that to your poor pet?  Also, do we have enough extra time and money on our hands that we resort to making out pet look like a totally different animal now.

Here are so of the examples I'm talking about, these are all dogs groomed to look like something else.


Did you hear about Chales the Monarch?  He's an adorable Labradoodle that has been groomed to look like a lion.  He caused panic in his hometown when he was seen running the streets.  Watch the video below to see him in action.


I'd be tempted to dial 911 if I saw this guy running down the street, especially if I didn't see his cute face.


or at least Panda Bears

of course if you've always wanted a zebra then you are in luck!

or how about a buffalo/bison. We live in Oklahoma so I can see this one becoming popular here...
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Cranberry Morning said...

Oh good grief! I've never seen anything like it, although I did see the Labradoodle on Tv the other morning. A lion cut isn't so bad, but who would do the dye and cut job on those poor defenseless creatures! Wouldn't it be nice if people took care of pets just to make the pets' lives nicer, rather than fashioning accessories for themselves.

Thanks for the post. Incredible!

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