Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Semester Fun

In November I told a little bit about the FREE curriculum that we are using from Guest Hollow, I told how much we love the curriculum and shared some of my favorite pics.  Now, the first semester is over and I wanted to share some more pictures from some of our fun projects.

We learned about the Navajo, we know quite a bit about them since I was born in New Mexico and lived in the 4 corners area for the first part of my life.  We made pretend Navajo jewelry by wrapping a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil and tracing an intricate design onto it.  We then put macaroni in a baggie with turquoise food coloring and some alcohol.  We let that dry and then made designs with it.

We had a unit on the Nez Perce (I had never heard of them and was excited to learn more myself), the Northwest Coast Native Americans and the Inuit.  We learned a lot and had fun while learning.  Here are some of my favorite pictures along the way.

While studying about the Inuit we learned that they eat a lot of salmon so we had to try it.  Kylan and I loved it but Kenzie didnt' like it at all. We also studied the life cycle of the salmon and learned that many are in danger due to all of the dams that have been built.

We also built igloos out of sugar cubes, we found that icing and glue don't work as well as the hot glue gun did.  We then mixed white school glue with shaving cream to make the puffy "snow".  Even though my kids are in 5th and 7th grade they still enjoy all of the hands on activities and that makes this mama happy!

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