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I consider product reviews on a case by case basis, so please email me!
Any time I offer an opinion on a product, it is MY opinion. I will never compromise my integrity by offering my voice for a price. The products I feature on this site are products that I have actually used, and actually love. Or don’t love. And I’ll tell you so.

Products I've reviewed

The Old Schoolhouse Reviews (TOS)
See N Read/ See N Spell-TOS
Big IQ Kids-TOS review

AIMS Electrical Connections-TOS review

The Curiosity Files-Cicada Killing Wasp-TOS review

Scruble Cube-TOS review

Visual Latin-TOS review

Always Icecream-TOS review

E-Mealz-TOS review

Northstar Games, Wits and Wagers-TOS review

Northstar Games, Say Anything Family-TOS review

Excellence in Literature-TOS review

Ooka Island Books-TOS review

First Form Latin-TOS review

The Person I Marry

Keyboard Town Pals

3" Time Timer

The Reading Game

Wreaths of Maine

Artistic Pursuits

Pitsco-Siege machines

I See Cards

KJV World' Greatest Stories

Zeezok-Z-Guide to Ben-Hur

ALEKS-Math curriculum

Apologia-Who am I? World view curriculum based on the Bible
Math Rider-TOS

We Choose Virtues-TOS


Courageous-a movie review

Field of Vision- a movie review

Mighty Macs Movie- a movie review

The Christmas Lodge-a DVD review
A Mile in His Shoes-DVD
October Baby-movie

Books and CD's

It's either Her Or Me-a book review

What is He Thinking?? by Rebecca St. James

 These Hearts, Forever Ended Yesterday CD

Robert Pierre CD

Cooper and Me-a book review

The Grace Effect-book

One Silent Night by FFH-CD

The Encounter-book

The Scroll-book

The Ultimate Prescription-book

Moments of Truth-devotional

The Ride of a Lifetime-book

Cleaning Supplies and Laundry Soap

Dyson DC 25 Animal Vacuum


Modern Art Memory Game by AMMO

Soda Stream

The Flirtation Experiment-book review and giveaway

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