Saturday, February 22, 2020

Kevin's accident

Kevin was hurt in a UPS accident today. He fell off his truck and onto his back but the kicker is his shoulder blade hit a curb so he ended up shattering his scapula. He was in so much pain and his supervisor came out to his route and made him tell his supervisor where all the rest of his stops were. They refused him medical attention until his route was completed. That my friends is a bunch of crap!  Kevin ended up passing out next to his truck and was in shock and hurting for the rest of the day. By the time I found out I was off work and it was like 6pm. So, I raced over to the emergency room so I could be with him. His supervisor was there but was not nice to me at all and then he up and left. I'm telling you this is a hot mess! Poor guy, it took all night in the ER before we were able to finally get home.  If you think about Kevin please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, he definitely needs them.

While we were in the ER we saw several people wearing masks, they looked really sick and coughing a lot. We were wondering if they have that new thing going around. It's called coronavius. Have you heard of it?  We saw piles of bodies on the news. People in China have been dying from this new virus. It's kinda scary but you know in our minds we keep thinking it's way over in China so it'll never get here. Pretty certain it'll make it's way over here to the USA eventually. I mean I hope not but they way people travel and don't take precautions it'll probably spread like wildfire.

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