Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kellee and Jake's new house

Kellee and Jake are buying their first house! Yeah!!! We are all so excited for them. Here are a couple of pics of the house!

Korey and Tiffany!

On Valentines Day 2007 Korey asked Tiffany to marry him and she said "YES". We are so happy for them! Congratulations Korey and Tiffany!

At the circus with the Carter's.

2/25/2007 we went to the circus with the Carter's. It was a lot of fun! We always have fun with them no matter what we are doing! Landon and Kylan, Makenzie and Olivia have fun hanging out and then we adore Lola!!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

President's Day at the zoo

This was the first time the new lioness and the lion were put outside together!

Charlotte's Web is what Makenzie was pretending to play on! She climbed up the rock wall like it was nothing and she kept doing it over and over...making me just a little nervous!

What is Kylan doing? Your guess is as good as mine...he's a crazy kid!

On President's day the kids and Jennifer went to the Tulsa zoo. It was a lot of fun. Kylan is studying turtles this week so we enjoyed all of the different turtles and tortoises at the zoo. We brought clipboards and paper and the kids made drawings of the turtles and they said it was so much fun we will have to do it with every animal that they study!

Korean Levite Choir

Last Sunday we went to Claremore, OK to the Korean Levite Choir! This was the 2nd time we were able to see them perform and they were fabulous. The kids really enjoyed the performance and thanked us for taking them to see it!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Apples everywhere

Kylan is doing so great in Kindergarten! We are so proud of both of the kids. Here are a couple of pics of the week that we worked on A is for apple! The kids made apple igloos one day for a snack and another day we tasted 8 different kinds of apples and rated them on taste and smell. The all time favorite in our house is the FUJI apple then the RED delicious! Least favorite was the SONYA apple. If you have a favorite apple let us know what it is and we will try to taste it!

Spirit Championships in OKC

Feb 10th, 2007 we headed off to OKC for another cheer competition. This time we stayed with some of our best friends in OKC! We were so happy to see Mika, Jim, Bailey, Tanner and Tyler! Thanks for the great weekend!!!! Things to remember are loud girls, pillow fights, 3 female dogs, box of wine, Colorado room, laughing, gin bucket, mandoo and cheese, glitter and Jim's breakfast biscuits!

Makenzie's squad took 1st place again! They are doing great this season...we are so proud of them! Enjoy the pics!


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