Monday, February 25, 2008

Pic of front door

It's not really a room in our house but it leads into our house and right now it's covered with Christmas cards still! If you sent us a card it's on the door...we stop and look at them every so often and think of YOU! OH and Susan your card will make it on the door in about 2 minutes as soon as I get off of here...thanks for the card!

Picture a day challenge for this week

I forgot to tell you what the pic challenges for this week are. Every pic this week is of the rooms in your could be the laundry room, bedroom...whatever you want it to be but 1 pic everyday. Next week I will be gone so the pic a day will have to be posted when I return from FLORIDA!!!

A picture a day challenge

I decided to join the picture a day challenge...let's see how it goes. Hopefully it will help my photography skills! Let me know what you think! Everyone is also invited to join in this challenge and I would love to see your picture a day!

On the farm!

Makenzie didn't want to look at the cows because they smell.
Makenzie, Kylan and Macy
Little rev and rev-Kev
Kylan checking out the cows
Kylan and Trase

Kylan is always so excited when he learns that we are going to Iowa because he wants to go farm with Trase and Drew or anyone that will take him. Last time we went he got to drive the combine with Mark and this time he got to go look at the's all he could talk about today!

At the Marnin's

Makenzie and Sadie playing guitar hero
Brian ROCKS at guitar hero...he was the best by FAR!!! Everyone was very impressed and was still talking about him after he left!
Some of the Ticknor cousins!
Korey playing the WII
Kevin is addicted to the WII and I am sure he is looking for one as I post to the blog
Alie playing guitar hero
Check out everyone hanging out around all of that food!
Hi Susan!
Shannon did you like the lemonade???
Say cheese Chris

No trip to Iowa is complete without a stop at the Marnin's...for a cousins get together and some of that wonderful gin bucket.

Grandma Wedemeyer's 90th birthday

Grandma with her grandkids and their spouses.
Kevin said I am always taking the pics so he had to take one of me.
Grandma with her Grandkids
Grandma with her great-grandkids
Brian and Miss Kinley the cutie
Grandma with her kids and their spouses

The kids with Grandma Wedemeyer
Katelyn playing at the party
Marilynn, Carl and Arlene~the outlaws
Kylan with his cousin Sierra...he was so excited to see her and play with her!

This past weekend we made the trip up to Iowa to see Grandma Wedemeyer for her 90th birthday. She had a huge party with lots of friends and almost all of the family was there.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A day in the Wedemeyer homeschool

Today is a busy day for us! The kids took a class on Stranger danger this morning and what to do in case of emergencies...great ideas and they both did awesome!

Then at 1pm we went to Freedom church for a Roving reptiles was so cool. The kids loved it just check out the snakes, alligator, and many turtles and lizards. This was our first activity with the Heritage homeschool group and they were all so friendly we really enjoyed it. We are also in Heartland homeschool group but they didn't have coop today...usually Makenzie takes a painting class, a sketching class and they both take a PE class.

Now, we are headed off to Iowa for Grandma Wedemeyer's 90th birthday party!

Happy Birthday to Kinley, Connie and Jennifer

We got together with the Wedemeyer side of the family to celebrate Connie's( Feb 5th) and Kinley's(March 5th) and Jennifer's(March 5th) birthdays. Anyway we had good food and good family are some pics! We haven't seen Kinley since Christmas and she's really grown and is crawling!!!
Also, check out the pic of Makenzie and Katelyn...Makenzie is reading her a book...I thought it was too cute!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We were planning on going to a homeschool Valentine's party today but the kids and I are still not feeling that great so we didn't go! Instead we had a heart shaped pizza from Andolini's for dinner and Kevin brought me flowers...roses and my absolute favorite flower TULIPS! The kids each got a new webkinz from 2 people who love them dearly (mommy and daddy). Hope your day was full of love!

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