Thursday, December 29, 2005

Kevin with his parents and siblings Posted by Picasa

Devin, Paige, Kenzie and Kylan Posted by Picasa

Kevin and his brother and sisters! Posted by Picasa

I was so excited that Katelyn went right to me that I had Kevin take a picture!!! Posted by Picasa

The day after Christmas was spent at Kevin's parents house. Don't the kids look adorable! Posted by Picasa

left to right...Grandma Penny, Jennifer, Gayl and down front is Kenzie with her new Skamps Playful Pup!!! Posted by Picasa

Gigi and Kevin...check out her purple velvet jacket! Watch out red hat's here she comes!!! Posted by Picasa

Kylan was so excited he got a Robot and he was especially excited about the Spiderman unbrella....go figure! Posted by Picasa

Makenzie was so happy to get the Bratz limo and runway..they play real music and have lights and everything...very fancy!!! Posted by Picasa

Makenzie with our special Santa key that lets him into our house...we don't have a chimeny so he uses the front door! Another tradition! We also leave reindeer food for his reindeer in a special burlap bag. Posted by Picasa

Kylan opening his big Spiderman gift! Posted by Picasa

Another tradition is making sugar cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve! Posted by Picasa

Kylan got to talk to Santa on Christmas first he didn't want to because he said he had been a bad boy all year and didn't think he was going to get any toys but I told him he was a good boy! Posted by Picasa

Makenzie talking to Santa...she couldn't wait to talk to him because she said she had been a VERY GOOD girl this year!!! Posted by Picasa

Kylan and Kenzie in their new PJ's that they get to open on Christmas's a tradition! Posted by Picasa

Makenzie and Kylan made a gingerbread house with Grammy for the holiday season...they a lots of fun! Posted by Picasa

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