Monday, December 24, 2012

101 Moments of Prayer and 101 Moments of Trust

Spirit Lifters

About the book: 
Moments of Prayer: Inspiring Thoughts for Listening to God to purchase for $2.99 click on the link.

Join Elizabeth Sherrill, longtime writer for the bestselling devotional, Daily Guideposts, as she takes you on a journey that will help you appreciate life's little moments where you allow yourself to truly listen to how God is speaking to you. With carefully chosen Scripture passages for each day and thoughtful devotional entries, 101 Moments of Prayer will be a refreshing addition to your quiet time. If you're looking to grow in your faith while enhancing your daily practice of prayer and reflection, you'll find a wonderful companion in 101 Moments of Prayer, part of the Guideposts Spirit Lifters series.

Moments of Trust: Inspiring Thoughts for Believing in God's Promises to purchase for $2.99 please click on the above link

Join Marion Bond West, longtime writer for the bestselling devotional, Daily Guideposts, as she takes you on a journey that will help you trust in God's abiding strength and love no matter what challenges life brings. With carefully chosen Scripture passages for each day and thoughtful devotional entries sharing real-life experiences, 101 Moments of Trust will be a refreshing addition to your quiet time. If you're looking to grow in your faith while enhancing your daily practice of prayer and reflection, you'll find a wonderful companion in 101 Moments of Trust, part of the Guideposts Spirit Lifters series.

About the authors:

Meet Elizabeth Sherrill:
 Elizabeth ("Tib") Sherrill has published some 1500 articles and authored more than 30 books, with sales in excess of 50 million. Book titles, many co-written with her husband John -- include The Hiding Place, The Cross and the Switchblade, God's Smuggler, They Speak with Other Tongues, and Return from Tomorrow. Her most recent book, All the Way to Heaven, recounts for the first time her own journey from atheism to profound commitment. For over sixty years, Elizabeth has been a writer and editor for Guideposts Magazine.

Meet Marion Bond West:
Marion Bond West is fascinated by honesty: honesty in others, honesty with herself, honesty with God. For almost forty years, she has written honestly about her life and God in a wide variety of books, magazines, and newspapers. Marion is a contributing editor of Guideposts magazine, having written for the internationally recognized publication and for the devotional book Daily Guideposts for more than thirty years. She and her husband, Gene Acuff, life in a Watkinsville, Georgia

My Opinion:
  For the small price of $2.99 each you can own these inspiring Ebooks.  I've enjoyed doing a small morning devotional with my children.  We would read the short story and then look the scriptures up and read them and then we talked about how we have been affected by the story or if something similar has happened to us.  My daughter told us this story, Our friends the Horton's sold their house in one day and then several weeks later the buyers decided to back out on the deal.  This was heartbreaking news for our friends because they had already purchased a lot and started the process to build a house.  My 12 year old daughter stepped out in faith and prayed that the buyers would change their minds and not back out.  Guess what?  The next days the buyers called back and changed their minds and are buying the house now.  Makenzie said she wasn't surprised because she had prayed and believed that it would happen this way and she knew it was going to happen because of all of the 101 Moments of Prayer that we had been reading!   

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Sandbox

Over the past year we've been trying to plan a family vacation with our friends (that are more like family) the Schnable's.  We talked about going to South Korea together, Cancun, Mexico, Destin and we finally decided on Orange Beach, Alabama.  After searching the web for hours and hours we found this yellow beach house called The Sandbox. Here's a picture of Kevin and the kids standing in front of The Sandbox, we had just driven in and loved that the driveway was sand, that only meant we were really close to the beach!

We rushed inside and oowed and ahhhed over all of the rooms!

Looking out at the view from the 2nd story balcony

The master bedroom on the 3rd floor with a huge sitting area, private bathroom and large private balcony

Sitting area in the 3rd story master

3rd story master bathroom, it doesn't look very big but it was!

This was the room the girls shared, it had twin beds and shared a hallway bathroom with the other guest room on the 3rd floor

This was Kylan's room, he was thrilled to have a room all to himself on the 3rd floor

Kitchen/Livingroom and Dining room were all together on the 2nd floor so we could visit while cooking
 2nd floor master with private bathroom
Better view of the kitchen
View of the Sandbox from the beach

 The beach in front of the Sandbox
 We walked over this sand dune to get to the beach, I think we were about 1 minute from the water
The sand was beautiful and so very WHITE and powdery.

I'll blog some more about our adventures in Orange Beach in the near future 
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Farmer's Kitchen

If you just finished reading my last post about the American Heartland you would have found out that I was referring to Iowa.  While in Iowa we always have lot of good country cooking, it's so yummy!  We also eat at a lot of little cafe's in the small towns that dot the Iowa landscape and we find that a lot of them are very similar except for the Farmer's Kitchen in Atlantic, Iowa.  Oh my goodness, it was so good.  We walked in and sat down thinking it was going to be like any other little cafe that we had eaten at on our trip but NO this one was different! 
Kylan ordered the Mandarin chicken salad and look what they brought out. He looks a little worried that he can't eat it all, and no he didn't eat it all.  The portions are huge which sometimes means that the food doesn't taste that great but not at the Farmer's Kitchen.  Everything is cooked fresh daily and a lot of the ingriedients are purchased from local farms.
 If you ever find yourself in historic downtown Atlantic, Iowa you might want to try the Farmer's Kitchen it's located at 319 Walnut St and the phone number is (712) 243-2898.

 There always are several pies for dessert, including chocolate peanut butter explosion that was declared #1 in the American Pie Council’s National Pie Championships and French apple (guaranteed: a whole apple in every slice).

Peanut butter explosion after we had been eating on it for a while, it was the best pie I've ever had!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The American Heartland

Flag of Iowa

In October it was time to traval again but this time we were headed up to Iowa to visit Kevin's family.  I just LOVE his family they are always so much fun.  We stayed with his cousin Susan and her family this time and it was wonderful.  Kenzie and Sadie (Susan's 12 yr old daughter) have grown up playing together and always look forward to seeing each other on our Iowa trips.  This time they got to go out and ride 4 wheelers together and it was an experience that will last for a long time in all of our memories.

One of my favorite memories was Kylan taking me out on the Gator at the farm, he drove me up to the base of the windmill and we got out and took pictures.  It was breathtaking!

We always head up to the Freedom Rock.  Each year since 1999 a man has taken it upon himself to change the painting on this rock and they are magnificent, just unbelievable and all of the paintings honor our military.  Here are some pics of the Freedom Rock this year 2012.

My budding photographe was enjoying this trip!

We also got to see Grandma Wedemeyer, she's an amazing woman and is 94 years old.  We always enjoy visiting with her and coudln't make a trip to Iowa without seeing her, it just wouldn't be the same.

We saw most of Kevin's family, about 60 of them.  We also took lots and lots of pictures and here are some of my favorites!


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Monday, December 10, 2012

Pinterest-broken makeup fix

Have you joined the Pinterest craze? I've kinda fallen in love with all of the fun, helpful ideas that you can find on Pinterest BUT I also find that I can lose an hour and it only seems like a minute or two has gone by so I've had to start limiting my time on Pinterest. Lots of crafts, cooking, time savers, etc. have been pinned time and time again and most of the the things I've pinned are still sitting there on my board just waiting for me to find them again when I need them. One thing I pinned that I knew I might eventually need was how to fix powder makeup that has broken, instead of just throwing it away Pinterest has an easy fix. During the move my makeup bag got dropped and my blush broke into a thousand tiny pieces. I looked on my Pinboard and found the pin and BAM it was a super easy fix...thank you Pinterest! Here are the easy steps that I followed.

My broken blush

A bottle of Wal Mart rubbing alcohol

 All I did was pour about a capful of alcohol on the powder and smash it all together with a spoon.  I then smoothed it out and let it dry for 24 hours.
This is the final product, my makeup is all fixed and ready to use!  The alcohol dries quickly and leaves your powder all together like it should be.  Great fix, thank you Pinterest!

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Monday, December 03, 2012

Resurrect Kindle Fire Giveaway and Facebook Party {12/4}

To celebrate the release of Resurrect, David E. Stevens has teamed up with his publisher, Kregel Publications, for a Kindle Fire Giveaway and Facebook Author Chat Party {12/4}.

One "thrilling" winner will receive:
  • A Kindle Fire
  • Resurrect by David E. Stevens
Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on December 3rd. Winner will be announced at the "Resurrect" Author Chat Facebook Party on 12/4. Connect with David, get a sneak peek of the next book in the Resurrect Trilogy, try your hand at the trivia contest, and win some great prizes—gift certificates, books and a Book Club Prize Pack (10 copies for your book club or small group)!

So grab your copy of Resurrect and join David on the evening of December 4th for a chance to connect with David and make some new friends. (If you haven't read the book - don't let that stop you from coming!)

Don't miss a moment of the fun, RSVP todayTell your friends via FACEBOOK or TWITTER and increase your chances of winning. Hope to see you on the 4th!

About the book:

Book 1 in the Resurrect Trilogy.

Preventing his burning fighter from crashing into a neighborhood, Navy Commander Josh Logan ejects … too late.

Critically injured, he’s offered a new life and mission exploit highly classified military technology to stop a global cataclysm. The price? He’ll be dead to everyone he knows.

He wakes in a city hospital with a genetically enhanced body and no identity. With the help of his brilliant, Neuro ICU nurse, and guided by nothing but a voice, he must infiltrate the military-industrial complex to develop the world’s most powerful weapon … to protect humanity.

About the Author:

A Navy fighter pilot with hundreds of aircraft carrier landings, Commander David E Stevens holds degrees from Cornell and the University of Michigan with graduate work in astrophysics. He test piloted new fighters and received an aviation patent. With a Top Secret clearance, Dave served as Strike Operations Officer for the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm and led classified defense programs. He's traveled to over two dozen countries.

My Opinion:
This is a definite must read for any military or sci-fi book lover, although I would typically think of this book as a book that men would love I have to say that I felt a thrill reading it and couldn't wait to read the last page to see what happened.  It reminded me of a Clive Cussler with some Tom Clancy all mixed into one book, very intriguing and action packed so I have it 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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