Monday, December 10, 2012

Pinterest-broken makeup fix

Have you joined the Pinterest craze? I've kinda fallen in love with all of the fun, helpful ideas that you can find on Pinterest BUT I also find that I can lose an hour and it only seems like a minute or two has gone by so I've had to start limiting my time on Pinterest. Lots of crafts, cooking, time savers, etc. have been pinned time and time again and most of the the things I've pinned are still sitting there on my board just waiting for me to find them again when I need them. One thing I pinned that I knew I might eventually need was how to fix powder makeup that has broken, instead of just throwing it away Pinterest has an easy fix. During the move my makeup bag got dropped and my blush broke into a thousand tiny pieces. I looked on my Pinboard and found the pin and BAM it was a super easy fix...thank you Pinterest! Here are the easy steps that I followed.

My broken blush

A bottle of Wal Mart rubbing alcohol

 All I did was pour about a capful of alcohol on the powder and smash it all together with a spoon.  I then smoothed it out and let it dry for 24 hours.
This is the final product, my makeup is all fixed and ready to use!  The alcohol dries quickly and leaves your powder all together like it should be.  Great fix, thank you Pinterest!

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