Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The American Heartland

Flag of Iowa

In October it was time to traval again but this time we were headed up to Iowa to visit Kevin's family.  I just LOVE his family they are always so much fun.  We stayed with his cousin Susan and her family this time and it was wonderful.  Kenzie and Sadie (Susan's 12 yr old daughter) have grown up playing together and always look forward to seeing each other on our Iowa trips.  This time they got to go out and ride 4 wheelers together and it was an experience that will last for a long time in all of our memories.

One of my favorite memories was Kylan taking me out on the Gator at the farm, he drove me up to the base of the windmill and we got out and took pictures.  It was breathtaking!

We always head up to the Freedom Rock.  Each year since 1999 a man has taken it upon himself to change the painting on this rock and they are magnificent, just unbelievable and all of the paintings honor our military.  Here are some pics of the Freedom Rock this year 2012.

My budding photographe was enjoying this trip!

We also got to see Grandma Wedemeyer, she's an amazing woman and is 94 years old.  We always enjoy visiting with her and coudln't make a trip to Iowa without seeing her, it just wouldn't be the same.

We saw most of Kevin's family, about 60 of them.  We also took lots and lots of pictures and here are some of my favorites!


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