Friday, May 09, 2008

UPDATE: The non-mom has now been changed!

I just went back to the website and it has now been updated to the ADOPTIVE MOM...not the NON-MOM! I know for a fact that NBC has received numerous emails about this and thankfully they have changed it!


Kelley G said...

They didn't know what community they were messing with did they!! Our Momma Bears come out to protect our little cubs just like any other mother.

Anna Diaz said...

This is nuts. And I don't think that they corrected it enough.

They made a category for working mom's, but adoptive mom's get grouped with grandmothers and step mothers.... Wait a minute !

Non-Mom's is far worse, but this still not good enough.

I am surprised because Marie Osmond is hosting the show and at least 2 of her children are adopted (She has over 10 children). It is weird for her be okay with that, but I guess NBC runs the show.

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