Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Today Makenzie went to a friends birthday party for 4 hours so Kylan and I had a mommy son date. First we went and got his hair cut, then he picked Taco Bueno for lunch, then we went to the FUMC in Owasso and took pics of him in his Korean Hanbok and he tells me, "MOM BOYS AREN'T MADE TO WEAR PINK" check out his hanbok it has PINK all over Korea it's very common for boys to wear pink especially on their hanboks and I also had to remind him that the very first time I met him while we were still in Korea he was wearing a pink outfit. So, he tolerated it for me but he said, "Please don't tell Dad that I had to wear pink today he will be so embarrassed for me" I thought that was so funny because we have never told him that boys don't wear pink or that it's a girly color or anything like that. After the pics we went to Funtastic Island and played and then had snow cones and he told me his new favorite flavor is lemon so his was lemon and if you check out some of the pics you can see his teeth and lips and tongue turned bright yellow. We had them check to make sure no red dye in the snow cones and the owner was telling me that red dye allergies are becoming more and more common because he has moms ask almost on a daily basis so I guess Kylan isn't the only one out there allergic to red dye!

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