Tuesday, March 30, 2010

St Therese Parish

One Tuesday per month Makenzie is in Girls Club so Kylan and I have to find something fun to do together, it's our mommy/son date time.  Today we decided to go geo-caching and it took us out to St. Therese Parish in Collinsville and WOW were we surprised!!!  It's gorgeous out there, beautiful pond, flowers, and the adobe building looks like it was taken from NM (where I was born) and dropped here because you would never find that much green, lush, vegetation in NM.  We will have to come back sometime to take pictures, I'm sure this would be a gorgeous backdrop for wedding pics, senior pics or even school pics.
Oh, by the way we DID find the geo-cache here!  Kylan found it, not me!
My friend Cathy was telling me that sometimes they go have a Thanksgiving Dinner at St. Therese Parish and that it's so good and that the inside of the Parish is just as beautiful as the outside.

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