Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jasmine Moran Children's Museum

We had another fun field trip with our home school group and it was to the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum in Seminole, OK. We had a great time exploring and playing at the museum. I had to make it into a slide show because we took over 200 pics! We have taken the kids to this museum several times but had not been back in a long time. We had friends that lived in Seminole and we would go visit them and go to the museum but they moved to St Kitts and we haven't been back since they moved...can you imagine moving from Seminole to St. Kitts??? I would LOVE it! Anyway back to the museum, we hadn't been in a long time and they had added a whole new wing onto it and they also added a maze outside. If you are anywhere remotely close and you have kids, grandkids, or a child in your life take them to this museum and enjoy a day of playing. I promise you're gonna love it! Kylan's favorite things was playing with the sand wheel, Kenzie and her friend Peyton loved the bubble area and I loved the germ area. You put this lotion on your hands and then rub it all in and wash your hands and then hold them under a black light oh's amazing what stays on your hands! Then, if you use soap it washes almost all the germs off...Kylan and I didn this over and over. Hope this helps him wash his hands more often! LOL!!! Another thing we all loved was the tornado machine it was like you were standing in a tornado and the wind went up to 79 miles per hr...very windy! They also loved the grocery store, school room, mechanic shop, courtroom, the ambulance and the cockpit from a real airplane...lots of buttons to push and play with.

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