Monday, March 29, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Kenzie's friend Peyton helped us find our first geocache

They each took a treasure and left a treasure
Putting it back
This was a fun one
Easy one

Kylan's first find

For years our family has enjoyed letterboxing and now that we have these neat iPhones with a GPS in them we decided to try Geocaching and we are hooked! It has become our new family hobby and we've had so much family time hiking and enjoying this spring weather plus the fact that you get to pick a "treasure" out of most caches but you also need to bring a "treasure" to leave for someone else. I had the kids go through their rooms and find little things that we could put in the caches and they came up with a little container just full of "treasures" that they don't want anymore.
WARNING If you plan on going geocaching in Owasso don't look at the pics because they will give away some of the cache sites!

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