Monday, March 22, 2010

She's not my little bow head anymore!

Bows she gave away...goodbye bows.
One of her most current bow head pics
Upside down bow head
Rock wall climbing bow head
Mother daughter tea
4th of july
Korean camp
At the aquarium
Check out no top front teeth

Bow head with trophy bigger then me...LOL
My cousin and I are both bow heads!

Flyer bow head
Didn't lose my bow this year in the 5K 6 yrs old
Cheerleader bow heads
Gotcha day eating Korean food double bow head
Riding an elephant at the circus bow head
Loving her brother bow head
Easter bow head

She lost one while running a 5k race when she had just turned 5 yrs old

While hugging family
She even wore them all the time while swimming

She wore one when visiting with a Princess

Double bows again at Yellow Balloon Preschool
Pretty in pink bows
Even had bows for Christmas
She wore the double bows a lot when she was little!
OK this was a tiny one but check out her chubby rolls aren't they cute!

Makenzie has been wearing hair bows since she was a baby and she's always loved them but she' almost 10 and has informed me that 10 yr olds DON'T wear hair bows! I'm so sad because I do love a big adorably cute hair bow and she has soooooooo many of them well over 200. She was so blessed that one of her cousins in N.M. gave her about 200 hair bows and she's worn them all. When she was 3 she used to tell me that she felt naked without a bow in her hair and I would laugh and say well let's put one in we don't want you to be naked! In the past couple of months she has slowly been giving them away to some of the little girls in her life. She's into hats and headbands right now so at least she still has something cute in her hair but the hair bows are almost you see me crying??? I'm trying hard not to shed a tear or two but this IS hard because she IS growing up way to quickly for me. I'm posting some of my favorite bow head pics and yes I do know it's a lot of pics...sorry I'm reminiscing!


Anonymous said...

The girls at the 6th grade center are wearing them again. I didn't think my kiddo would ever wear another one in her life, but they all have the little ones in their hair. And long ribbons are in too, so you just never know!! She may go back to them again :)

The 4-Crows Blog said...

What? I thought they always wore them......tell her she is breaking my heart!! LOL!

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