Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tulsa Performing Arts Center- TPAC

Orchestra pit at the John H Williams theatre

Chapman Music Hall is the largest theatre at the PAC

The lights and the grid!

On stage

The spotlights
View from the top

Waiting to ride in the freight elevator

A week ago we had my all time favorite field trip to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center or TPAC. Our guide took us backstage, to the green room, all of the different Theaters, up a freight elevator and last but not least up to the spot light room. It was so interesting and I think Kevin and I enjoyed it more then the kids did! I was so upset with myself because I walked out of the house without my camera!!! Can you believe it??? Of all things to forget and on this particular day it had to be my camera. My good friend Christy told me that I could use some of her pics so all pics are from Christy, or Melanie or maybe even Jennifer (ladies I hope you forgive me for copying your photos but I do feel much better since I have some photos of this experience!)

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