Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You've been Shamrocked!

You are welcome to use this little sign or make your own!
What's the point of Saint Patrick's Day without a little fun?  You've been Shamrocked has now become a yearly tradition so we made up Blarney Stone cookies for friends and passed them out in the tradition of You've been Boo'ed but we made signs that say, "You've been Shamrocked" we were also thinking about saying "You've been Blarney Stoned" but thought the first one sounded better. Have you ever done this for St. Patty's day (we just ruined the secret for our friends...shhhh don't tell the kids!)

Every year a lil' Leprechaun comes to our house and turns our milk green, leaves green eggs and ham and also turns all the toilet water in our house green, he's a sneaky little guy but the kids always look forward to his visits because he usually leaves a green snack too like green pudding or green rice Crispy treats! We also play a game that we made up called, "You kissed the Blarney Stone and now have the gift of gab", it's a a persuasive writing game! We really enjoy St. Patrick's Day even though we aren't Irish!
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