Friday, March 05, 2010

Perfect Brownie Baking Kit

Last year for Christmas Kylan really wanted to buy the Perfect Brownie Baking Set for me but I really wanted a handmade gift from him, I just love getting handmade gifts from the kids, I treasure them! So for my birthday he was determined that I was getting the Perfect Brownie Baking Set, so I obliged him and ordered it for my birthday from Kylan! He was soooo excited about my birthday gift from him and we had to make brownies with it! It was super easy to use and they came out perfect! I rate it 2 thumbs up and would recommend it to others. All of the brownies were cut perfectly and were the same size and consistency. The patent pending design of the Perfect Brownie™ Baking Pan bakes each piece separately so they are flakey and crispy on the outside, but rich and gooey on the inside.

I had a question about the cleanup and I have to tell you that it's super simple because you spray it with Pam before baking and everything just slips off the brownie set and then it's dishwasher safe so I just put it in the dishwasher and that was the end! I'm not saying that in this economy you need this but if you want it, it does work and it works well. Of course it's just as easy to slice up a pan of brownies with a butter knife too, LOL!
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