Monday, March 08, 2010

Brooms, brooms and more brooms

It seems that everywhere I look I am seeing adorable brooms! Why is that? If we have a cute broom will it make us want to use it more??? HMMMM, there might be something to that line of thinking, LOL. Check out this tutorial on how to paint a cute broom.
I also love the animal print brooms at Kaboodle
Check out Yep, you should even mod podge a broom at Mod Podge Rocks, I'm thinking about doing this to my very old broom, I bought it over 18 yrs ago when Kevin and I were engaged.
Of course we can head over to Martha Stewart to help us organize our broom closet.
Here are some more links to really cute brooms
Jennifer Lyn super cute brooms, I'm thinking about buying the Deco Print Broom
No Ordinary Broom these brooms are STUNNINGLY beautiful!
Do you have a cute broom? Where did you get it? Did you buy it or make it? Let me know, I'm a little obsessed with brooms right now! LOL!!!
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