Thursday, February 25, 2010

Iridescence and ice cube colors

Start with salt
Cover the ice with salt
Drop food coloring onto the ice and find which color is iridescent

Makenzie found that a CD is iridescent

Kylan found that bubbles and sea shells were iridescent

First we started out with a bowl of ice then we added salt to it and then dropped food coloring drops onto the salt covered ice. We were looking for iridescent colors and we found that 2 of our food colors had an iridescence to them but we had the neon food colors so if you use the four regular colors you will find 1 has an iridescence. The kids loved this experiment and went around the house looking for items that were iridescent. They found that CD's and DVD's, water, some of our glass bowls, mom's pearl necklace, sea shells, bubbles and cellophane all are iridescent. For more info check out SciScape, Causes of Color and Wikipedia.

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1 comment:

Mc Allen said...

what a neat idea, I bet they had fun! xoxo LA

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