Wednesday, February 03, 2010

One of Makenzie's favorite places

Most of you know that Makenzie was our first child and she was prayed for, cried over and very much wanted, we tried for 8 years before we were blessed to adopt her. One of the first things we found out about her was that she LOVED to sleep in the middle of our bed, right between Kevin and me. Typically in Korea the family all sleep on the floor in the same room and Makenzie was used to sleep with her foster family and when we tried to put her upstairs in her own crib she didn't like it and would cry and cry and cry until we came and got her. We had said from the beginning that we would NOT let our children sleep with us but we caved in and she LOVED every minute of sleeping in our big bed and still to this day is most happy when we let her crawl in and snuggle down with us. She doesn't sleep with us anymore but loves to cuddle and one night after dance she came in and needed some cuddle time and was totally out within minutes, safe, snug and secure in the middle of our bed!


Dawn said...

awwwww... so sweet!!!

We have always had the "family bed." Camryn still sleeps with us. Courtney slept with us until the day Camryn came home from the hospital. She was six.

Brett, up until a month ago, would go up and lay down with her until she went to sleep. Now, at 12, she can finally do it on her own.

It just seemed like it would go on forever. Now, looking back, it was such a short time.

When we first tried to get Courtney to sleep in her baby bed she would cry and cry. Brett couldn't stand it. He said, and I quote, "Why does she have to sleep alone? We don't." From that moment on we never tried to make her sleep alone again. LOL! We sold her babybed!

Traci @ The Bakery said...

What a precious post!!!

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