Monday, February 08, 2010

Do you look like a famous person?

When she looked like this

Not when she looked like this (I wish)

I've noticed that a bunch of my Facebook friends have a famous person for their profile pic. You are supposed to let everyone know who you look like. I don't look like anyone famous but when I was younger, thinner and much blonder I was stopped at the mall several times for my autograph and they thought I was LeAnn Rimes.

This is what I looked like back then and I don't really think I look that much like her. Who do you look like??? Let's see some photo on your blogs or in emails!


Mom To The 3rd Power said...

That's funny! How cool!
I don't look like anyone famous. I did one of those internet "what famous person do you look like?" tests, by uploading a photo. Guess who it said I most closely resembled???? Michelle Quan. The Asian ice skater. Seriously!?!? I just decided to give up. It's me and only me out there I guess! lol!

The 4-Crows Blog said...

You did look like her....Wow! Great post! They say I look like Sheila from the Young and the Restless, LOL!

Traci @ The Bakery said...

Well, at least you aren't compared to FLO from Progressive Insurance...LOL. I'm either told that I act like her or that my voice sounds like Joyce Meyer...LOL. There IS someone you remind me of but I can't think of it at this moment....when I do think of it....I will FB you.

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