Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine fun!

Today is Valentine's Day but I'm posting earlier in the week because we are going to have a super busy weekend. Both Kenzie and Kylan are in dance competitions this weekend. We had a lot of Valentine fun this week because we knew it wouldn't happen over the weekend.

On Wednesday we had a Valentine Party with our home school group!
Makenzie and her friend "M" one of her special BFF's

Some of the mommies I mean teachers

Makenzie and Lil P

We made rice crispy treats with sprinkles and pink food coloring in it

The dessert table

One boy made his box look like a turkey, this was so creative!

His sister made hers look like a peacock

Kylan's group exchanging cards

Kylan and his buddy Cameron

On Thursday mom made a special Valentine lunch of pink bow tie pasta with spaghetti sauce and homemade pepperoni cheese bread and for dessert vanilla pudding that was pink!

Uhhm, dessert! I fooled Kylan he thought it was going to be strawberry, I only had vanilla so I just tinted it with beet juice (we can't use red dye because Kylan is allergic)

Ok this doesn't look very appetising but it looked cute in person!

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