Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine cards and box decorating fun!

Makenzie with her decorated box

Kylan with his decorated box, we just cut the top and 1/2 of the side off of a cereal box and then glued paper to all sides and then he decorated it how he wanted!

The cards Makenzie made

One of the cards Kylan made

Kylan decorating a cereal box

Makenzie working on her box

Since my kids are home schooled they don't usually get to exchange Valentines with other kids because the group we used to belong to didn't have a Valentines Day Party but our new group does! This kids were so excited and couldn't wait to exchange cards with the other children in our group. We had a lot of fun making the cards and making their boxes too! Their cards were hearts that we cut out with the Cricut machine and then glued a smaller heart in the middle and on the middle heart we wrote, "You are the 'write' friend for me" and we hole punched two holes and then slide a pencil through the 2 punches. Everyone thought it was really cute and clever! We also decorated a cereal box for Kylan to put his Valentines in and Kenzie just decorated a plastic box for hers. When we were finished they said, "Mom it was so fun being crafty"!

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