Sunday, April 20, 2008

Horton hears a Who/Gameday/birthday party

Larry playing the Wii. Brian and Kevin
Playing bowling on the Wii.
Miss Katelyn
Brookie on the trampoline
Katelyn in the sand

Happy Birthday to Kevin, Tiffany and Korey!
Marilynn bowling
The kids loved the sandbox
Kinley was pulling up and standing...she's so cute!!1
Devin really liked the Wii.

On Thursday we went with our homeschool group to see the movie Horton hears a Who. It was really funny. Then, we came home and I started moving things around in the school room and some how I hurt my back! OUCH!!! I think it's a pulled muscle but I didn't make it to the Dr.'s so I don't know for sure.

This weekend we had the family game day/Birthday party. It was a lot of fun. Friends from Iowa were here and all of the family that lives in the area. We played teh Wii and they had a game of dominoes going and I think Kellee won.

We are trying to decided on a date for the next game night....if you didn't make it to this one please come to the next one!!!! We would LOVE to have you join us. The food was yummy but the cake and especially the pies were the yummiest....Connie send me the recipe please.

1 comment:

AustinFamily said...

Love the pics. of the kids! Eli is not cooperative for pics. But I would LOVE to take him to Woodward for pics.!! Maybe can try. : )

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