Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Every year I take the kids out and we have our own photography session. It's that time of the year again...spring is upon us and the flowers are blooming. If the wind would slow down then we could actually get some decent pictures. I just wanted to share my all time favorite photo that I have taken of Makenzie...it was with b/w film...before we had a digital camera and also before Kylan. She was only about 22 months old and such a cutie...actually I took this the day before I left for Korea to pick Kylan up!

And this is my all time favorite pic that I took of Kylan it was a staged pic for fall 2004.

and the one of them walking on the beach in Hawaii together is also a favorite. I seem to like the black and whites the best!

I will have to look back through my photos that aren't black and white and post my favorites!

Do any of you have some pics that are absolutely your favorites...why don't you share them on your blog...I would love to see them! Leave me a comment so I can check them out!


Mika said...

Those are absolutely amazing shots! I need you to take some of Bay for me next month! I would love a black and white! You are so talented!!!
xxxooo Mika

Christy R said...

Love the pics! Mackenzie is so pretty! Have you ever been to Woodward Park to take pictures? The Azaleas are so pretty this time of the year!

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