Monday, April 28, 2008

The zoo

Can you see the necklace that Makenzie is wearing? It's a carved whale tail (she got it at Sea World and wears it almost everyday) she wants to work with whales, dolphins and penguins at Sea World when she grows up, she also wants to be an OU cheerleader, a doctor and a famous artist. I told her she could be anything that she set her mind to and I do believe she may achieve it...she's such a "go getter".

Kylan found a little friend and was playing with him and insisted that I put him on the blog!

Kylan's shirt says, "Homeschool Rocks"
Kylan loves animals so much and acutally wants to be a zoo keeper when he grows up!

This little penguin was so cute and was showing off for us!
Dad posed with the kids for a birthday picture!

Today Kevin was off of work for his birthday which is actually tomorrow but we decided to go to the Tulsa zoo and it was such a spectacular day! Perfect weather and a bunch of animals were out.

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