Monday, December 05, 2011

Visions of Sugar Plums-Day One-Traditions

Hi, and welcome to the first day of "Visions of Sugarplums"!  
Join us all week long for wonderful recipes, paper crafts,
family traditions and even some giveaways!  Be sure to
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Family traditions are very important to me because I grew being shuffled from one house to the other every other holiday, you see my parents were divorced and of course had to share the time with my sister and I.  It wasn't that great but each parent tried to make the most of it.  Now, that I have my own family I just want to cherish each and every moment that I'm able to spend with my hubby and 2 kiddos.  We've made a LOT of traditions for Christmas and we make sure to do them each and every year or it wouldn't be a tradition!  I'm hoping that when my kids grow up and have children of their own they will keep the traditions alive in their own house.

Every year we get up early on the first Saturday of December and head to the movies, we meet my sister and her kids and Grammy (my mom).  We watch an animated movie then my mom takes the fab 5 which is the nickname of the 5 grand kids that live in the Tulsa area and they head off to her house to decorate gingerbread houses and to make surprise gifts for their parents (that's me).  Kevin and I always take this time to have a  date, we go out to eat and try to finish up some Christmas shopping.  

This year we saw Arthur Christmas, which is sure to be a new holiday favorite!

This year I won the Candy Cottage so my kiddos will be able to decorate it over and over for each and every holiday!  If you are looking for a great product this is well built and will last forever it taken care of.  You just wash the icing and candy off and it's ready to be used again.  Do you have a tradition of making a gingerbread house each year?  If so leave me a comment (each comment on each blog in the hop is an entry to win) Tuesday-Friday's giveaways! 

This week one of my BFF's Mika from Mika's Pantry is hosting Visions of Sugar Plums and with Mika it's all about the food, she's what we like to call a FOODIE so head over to her page and see what type of food satisfies her for the holidays.

Lori over at Choux Choux is all about Holiday decorating and crafting so if you would like some new ideas head over see what she made with a tin and some books.  She also offers a giveaway!

Lauren from The Past on a Plate is sharing a delectable recipe for some Chocolate Kriss Kringle Cookies that you won't want to miss.

Thanks for reading,

P.S.  Tomorrow's post will be about some of the fun traditional parties we attend each year and about taking pictures throughout the holidays.


Lori said...

Loved reading about your first Saturday in December! And seeing your pictures, too. I've never heard of the wipe-off Gingerbread house - what a fun idea. We've made several gingerbread houses over the years, but not recently. Made a gingerbread cake yesterday, does that count? It's just not the same, though. LOVE, LOVE a gingerbread house...

Unknown said...

That sounds like such a wonderful traditions.. Everyone looks so happy there at the movies. We have kinda a weird traditions.. Every Christmas Eve we order out Chinese.. I don't know when it stated or why.. But we have been doing it for Years..

So glad I stopped by to meet you!

Hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

Such lovely traditions, I'm all for traditions, too! Your pictures really show that you're having big time fun here! The nice thing about traditions is that you really have something to look forward to, right? Take care, Ira

Lauren Hairston said...

As Mom mentioned, we always had a gingerbread house when I was a kid. Also, my German class in middle school and high school always made gingerbread houses, which always turned out to be an unholy mess! I just remember the floor in our classroom being covered with about an inch of powdered sugar. Ick!

Looking forward to reading about more of your traditions!

Mika said...

Your tradition would only be better if Bay could tag along with Kenzie and Kylan and Jim and I go out to dinner and shopping with you and Kevin! ;)
Love your re-usable gingerbread house! How cool is that? Love ya!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your Dec 1st Saturday Tradition!

Tanya said...

I love making gingerbread houses too! I have never heard of yours, I'm off to check it out, so cool!

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