Monday, December 19, 2011

The World's Greatest Stories-TOS review

As a child my parents would play a KJV of the Bible on cassette every night and it would play throughout the night while we slept, it was a very nice set of cassette tapes but it was a little dry and boring.  Not to long ago I was wishing for something similar to this for my family but of course on CD and maybe not so monotone and boring.

Bye, bye boring I've found the answer!!!  It's called The World's Greatest Stories and it's not boring at all. The actor George W. Sarris  brings the stories to life, they leap off the pages of the Bible and you can vividly imagine what he is saying because he's such a dynamic, dramatic storyteller!  There is music and sound effects but all words are taken directly, word for word, from the Bible.  You can get either the King James Version or the New International Version.

 There are 18 individual stories on CD or cassette for a total of 6 CD's and each is about 1 hour long and costs $7.95 per volume.

~Volume 1: The Prophets
~Volume 2: The Life of Christ
~Volume 3: Beginnings
~Volume 4: Joshua & Esther
~Volume 5: Joseph & His Brothers
~Volume 6: Defeating Giants
~Plus, The Real Story of Easter, from the Gospel of John (NIV only, $9.95)

  If you want your children to beg you to listen to the Bible as you are driving around doing errands then you've found the right set of CD's (mine ask all the time).  This makes me happy and proud!  I think I've found a great gift for birthday parties, baby showers, Christmas gifts, etc.  We received The Prophets CD which just happens to be Volume 1 and I think my children are going to wear it out before the end of the year and yes I do know that's only a couple of weeks away!

The only negative thing I have to say about this series is that I really wish they would offer an MP3 version so we could download them on iPods, wouldn't that be amazing!

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Sarah said...

I'm hoping for some Christmas money to buy more as my children were begging for it to continue LOL I had no idea they would like this so much.

Sarah from the Crew.

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