Monday, December 26, 2011

The Encounter-a book review

The Encounter-Sometimes God has to intervene

By Stephen Arterburn 
This book can be purchased at most christian bookstores and at many places online including Amazon.
The suggested retail price is $15.99

As soon as I receive a book I always turn it over and read the back cover or the inside flap to get a feel for what the book will be about, this one caught my eye and attention right away because it talked about adoption and birthmoms.  As most of my readers know, both of my sweet children are adopted from South Korea and as they are starting to get older we have had lots of questions about their birth parents and why my children were placed in an orphanage.  I'm sure it's frustrating and confusing to wonder why you were given up for adoption.  I just tell my children it was the very best "gift" their birth parents could ever give to them and to us.  God had a perfect plan for their lives and for ours and it was to bring us together as a family. 
 This books let me look into the mind of a child that had been orphaned and eventually placed into an adoptive home.  It's about his search for his birth mom and all of the bitterness, heartache and pain that he is carrying inside of himself and finally some answers that he is looking for and the power of forgiveness.  The Encounter is an easy read (I read it in one night) and it is sure to touch your heart!

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