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Visions of Sugarplums-day 4-Traditions

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T'was the Night Before Christmas and it's a busy night in the Wedemeyer house, we head to church for the candlelight service then home to bake and decorate the sugar cookies which I hope you read about in my last post.  We also put out the Santa plate with cookies and milk, reindeer food, hang the Santa Key on the door (we don't have a chimney so we got creative).

Here's a cute poem to go with the key!

Dear Santa, This magic key works just for you, Please open the door and come on through. Thank you for coming to our house tonight. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank you Santa for the gifts you bring. Thank you Lord for everything.

We also let the kids open 1 gift each year and it's always new pajamas and sometimes slippers!  This ensures that they have nice new pajamas for Christmas morning and they always look forward to getting new PJ's each year.  Here is a look at Christmas Eve's from the past.  As I'm writing this both kids are behind me pondering what their PJ's will be this year...

We got them It's a Small World PJ's this year, they were so cute!  Kylan(2) got Veggie Tales slippers and Kenzie(3) got Princess slippers.

Looks like a princess night gown for Kenzie(4) she loved Cinderella at this time and you can see Kylan(3) holding puppy in this picture!  Puppy was lost 2 years ago after years and years of love by Kylan....makes me wanna cry a little.

This was the year Kylan(4) LOVED Spiderman and you guessed it Kenzie(5) is still into Disney princesses, looks like Ariel or as most know her The Little Mermaid.


You probably already guess that Kenzie(6) got a Disney Princes night gown and Kylan(5) was loving anything and everything Cars related.

Kylan(6) wanted camo to match his camo cast, he also got camo slippers this year.  At the time of this picture I thought he looked so big but I look back and he's just a little guy.

Makenzie(7) started dancing ballet, jazz and hip hop this year so it was appropriate to move on from Princesses to ballet slippers and cute pink camo slippers.  I tried to find slippers that looked like ballet slippers but couldn't find any, I think she looks adorable anyway.

It's fun to look back and see how the kids have grown and their tastes have changed throughout the years.  No more princess stuff for my princess Makenzie(8) she was at the stage where she was trying to decide if she still liked princesses and is moving on to other things now.

Kylan(7) found a new love this year with all things Star Wars, Lego Stars Wars, Clone Wars, etc. and he's still in love with Star Wars to this day!

Kylan's(8) still into Star Wars and he's grown like 4 or 5 inches this year!

This year Makenzie(9) founded Punky Monkey Missions and has been helping the needy so we thought monkey PJ's were appropriate to go with her nickname and new misison.  Would you like to see a video about her work?  Here it is.


Kylan's(9) into skater clothes this year so even thought I'm not a big fan of the crossbones I still went for it.  Notice in the pic we were teasing him by wrapping his in a Justice box, in case you don't know Justice is a girls clothing store..we got him good!

Kenzie's(9) always being invited to sleepovers so we thought this would work well for her plus she loves zebra, cheetah and animal prints.

(wish I could share but it's a secret)

Do you have any special traditions that you always do the night before Christmas?

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Unknown said...

It is such a fabulous tradition, milk and cookies for Santa. It's becoming more and more integrated in my country, too, although children prefer to celebrate Saint Nicholas on December 5th ;-)

Mika said...

Awww!! The pictures of the kids are pricless! It's so fun to see how they (and their tastes) have changed over the years!) Love you!

Lori said...

Love the Santa key! I remember my daddy telling me when I was little that he had mailed a key to Santa - very smart! Enjoyed your pictures very much...

Tanya said...

we have a Santa key too, no chimney here either. But I love your key better! I never thought about it, but we do watch Christmas cartoons and eat cookies every Christmas Eve.

Regina Easter said...

awww, the pictures of your kiddos are so darling....thanks for sharing...hugs

Cynde said...

Love the letter to Santa and the key you put out. How very fun all the new P.J's every Christmas Eve. Your children are adorable. Love that your daughter crochets for the homeless. Have fun this Christmas Eve. with the new P.J.s and baking cookies and cocoa. Thanks for sharing some of your family traditions with all of us.

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