Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Artistic Pursuits-TOS review

Artistic Pursuits grades 4-6 book one is such a simple art book I think that the most basic art student would love  and enjoy it. It teaches you to look at what you are drawing in several different ways. Not be afraid and just start drawing! I think a lot of people are afraid of failing and this book helps you get past the failure aspect and on to developing your own style and your observational skills.

Both of my children are using this book right now Kylan is in 4th grade and Makenzie is in 6th grade but they are both easily able to follow each lesson and I can see an improvement in Kylan's drawing skills already.  Makenzie has taken art classes since she was 6 so this is very basic work for her but she still enjoys it.  It is also very easy for me to teach from and doesn't require a lot of pre-planning, which is wonderful since we are such a busy family.

Artisitic Pursuits offers the following books:

  • Preschool
  • K-3 Book One
  • K-3 Book Two
  • K-3 Book Three
  • 4-6 grade, Book One
  • 4-6 grade, Book Two
  • Jr. High Book One
  • Jr. High Book Two
  • Sr. High Book One
  • Sr. High Book Two
Each book  costs $42.95 plus shipping.  You can purchase your art curriculum by click here.

What do other TOS crew members have to say about Artistic Pursuits?  Click here to find out!

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Unknown said...

Now that might just be what I need, since I'm only good at doodling fantasy flowers. Always wished I could paint like Bob Ross, he made things look so easy peasy!

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