Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will Rogers Birthplace

Yesterday my sister called and wanted to go on a field trip to a museum today. I have been really wanting to go visit Will Rogers Birthplace but didn't really want to go by myself so it was the perfect opportunity (of course this is not a museum but read more to find out about the museum). So, the kids and I had a dentist appt first thing this morning and we are happy to report NO CAVITIES!!! OK, let's get back on track with this field trip story....she showed up around noon and we loaded the kids up and headed to Will Roger Birthplace. First thing we see when we are driving in is the cutest donkey and he's stubborn like all good donkeys should be and walks straight toward us in the middle of the road. We notice 2 big, bright yellow school buses and realize that a Tulsa school has a field trip also. We walk through the house and then out to pet the animals when the school calls all of their kids together and has the field trip picture and then lines all these 2nd graders up and puts them on the buses and they leave. YEAH, we have the whole place to ourselves. The kids all pose for the required (by mommy) photos and have a grand old time feeding pears and leaves to the horses, donkeys, and adorable goats!!! By this time it's only about 1:30 and we were really hoping for a longer field trip so we head off to Claremore to tour the Will Rogers Memorial Museum .

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