Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kylan Rocks

Since I am newly obsessed with digital scrapbooking you are sure to see a LOT more new digi scrapbook pages on blog. So, please just hang in there until I either outgrow it or find something else to move onto! Here's my latest page of Kylan.


Anonymous said...

hey girlie! GUESS WHAT! i was doing a google image search for mother-daughter tea information for our church and YOUR BLOG was like the third picture on the search! get outta the city! can you believe it?

loving your scrapbooking pages. isn't it so super duper fun! i love it!

your blog looks great!


Anonymous said...

okay, i just typed this really long comment on your blog and POOF! it disappeared. so now i'm just going to tell you that your pages look great!! isn't digital scrapbooking fun?

if you get my last comment (who knows where it went) sorry about the double post. i'm becoming senile...however you spell senile. that doesn't look right but you know what i mean.


your kiddos are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Kellee said...

It looks great! I wish I could make my pages look as good as your.

One of Us said...

Great job on the digi scrapping! Your blog looks great also...are you changing it every week?
Take care,

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