Saturday, September 27, 2008

Garage sale extravaganza-home school stuff

Kirsten books oh and a Samantha one by accident
Josefina books

Molly books

These are all hardbacks.

Makenzie was going to Grammys house for a "Girls Night Out" and Kevin was on the golf course so poor Kylan got stuck going to garage sales with mommy. I love to garage sale and try to find just the perfect thing for our house but today I totally hit the jackpot. Our first stop I found 65 books for 5 cents each... YES you read it correctly 5 CENTS each!!! I was amazed that hey were selling their whole collection of American Girl Books for only 5 cents each and it didn't matter if the books were hardback or paperback they were all the same price! I also got several of the Frog and Toad books and 7 of the Horrible Harry series.
Since I home school both of my children I am always on the lookout for a deal on books and this was the BEST deal I have EVER found on books.

One of my favorite finds today was a giant, magnetic, chalkboard that's so huge it almost didn't fit in the back of our suburban with the backseat folded down...BUT it did fit and it's going to look great in our schoolroom! This find was only $5.

This picture shows how large the chalk board is compare to Kylan..he's over 4 ft tall and it's almost as tall as him!

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AustinFamily said...

You amaze me girl! You always have the neatest finds!

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