Tuesday, September 23, 2008

North America

We have been studying North America for quite some time now. We have actually found that our unit study doesn't really do it justice considering Central America is part of North America. So, we have just been studying on our own with out the use of our curriculum for a few weeks. This will probably put us behind schedule for the year but that's ok because the kids are really LOVING what they are learning about. We are so greatful to Tim and Lori for sending us a package that had some wonderful things from Guatamala and Peru in it. I am NOT going to show anything from Peru until we get to South America but it's really cool and the kids can NOT wait to study more about Peru!
Also, thanks to Aunt Debi for the large envelope that you sent us...it's very helpful and exciting! We really appreciate all of you helping us with homeschool this year. So many of you have lived in or traveled to other countries and I fell this is a great opportunity for the kids to really make these countries come alive and not just be another dot on the map!
Attached are the books that we are reading about this week. It will change from week to week and hopefully you will see a book you have read as a child or to your children!

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