Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Laundry Quandary

I've been busy with home school, cooking, cleaning, Taxi driver to my kids, and I've had a headache since Sat. so I've just let the laundry go. I know I should just get in there and do it but I haven't and so today I opened up my laundry room door and found that Mt. Washmore(if you are a flybaby you KNOW what I'm talking about) had grown over night. Have you ever conquered Mt. Washmore? Today is that day, I must climb to the top and separate all my colors and then wash and wash and still wash more until I succeed at conquering Mt. Washmore...wish me well on my journey! I'm so very thankful for my high capacity washer and dryer!!!!! Oh, how I wish I had stuck to my laundry routine but I didn't and now I'm paying for it. Do you ever do this to yourself? I don't do it very often but when I do it's quite a quandary because today Kylan didn't have any pants to wear so I had to hand wash and then dry some so he could go to hip hop you can tell I'm getting the Great Mom award!!! I'm so thankful that I just watch the Duggar family on TV and that I don't have 19 kids and counting....I can't imagine that mountain of laundry, it would fall on me and they would never find me!
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