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One Minute Reader iPad app-a Mosaic review

The One Minute Reader is by far one of the coolest apps that we've ever used for school! This app has taken my son from a poor reader and has given him wings to soar.  He's now reading so much quicker and has the confidence to read more often.  I'm not a huge fan of my son reading on the iPad because he was a very slow reader and he moved around a lot at first, but the One Minute Reader is actually very interesting so he calmed down.  The stories are short but hold your child's attention as well as the adult too.  At first the app is a free download found in the iTunes store click here .  You  start by using the provided placement test.  The app then decides which level you should start with.  You can purchase an entire level for $19.99 or  small sections of each level for $2.99-$4.99 each.    You get a lot for your money if you purchase the entire level for $19.99.  Our level 4 app included 5 different mini books and in each book there were 5 short stories for a total of 25 stories in all. Listed below are the name of each mini book and some of the short stories so you can get an idea of what your child would be reading but just remember that each level is different.




Ready, Set, Blue!
1. Feeling Blue-or Green
2. Danger in the Sky?
3. Candy Bar Trees
4. Cold Quarters
5. Meeting Harry
Amazing Athletes
1. Babe Didrikson
2. Dan Jansen
3. Jackie Joyner-Kersee
4. Michael Jordan
5. Tiger Woods
It Happened in America
1. A Risky Choice
2. Deadly Delay
3. Climate of Fear
4. Newsies Unite!
5. Frightening Fever
Natural Wonders
1. The Saltiest Body of Water
2. The World's Deepest Lake
3. The Driest Place on Earth
4. The Oldest Living Things
5. The Power of Water
Roman Mythology
1. Aurora
2. Two-Faced God
3. A God With Boundaries
4. Vulcan
5. Ceres
As you can tell from the above mini stories they are all different types of stories and you should be able to find something that suits your child's interest.  Some of the stories my son thought might be boring turned out to be his favorites and we both learned some interesting things that we never knew!
After each story is a comprehension quiz that is only 4 questions long.  If they answer the question correctly they move on but if they get it wrong they have the opportunity to try again.
After finishing the comprehension quiz there's a crossword puzzle which my son hated so we chose to skip most of them.


After all of that comes the Story Summary which shows how many they answered correctly on the quiz, the practice scores including the hot and cold reads.
Cold Read=1st time you read
In between the cold and hot read you read the story with a narrator.
Hot Read=Practiced reading several times (usually your fastest time)
 We chose to review the level 4 app because even though Kylan just started 6th grade he's still a slow reader and has to really pay attention to comprehend what he just read.  The very first story that Kylan read he was timed at only 36 words per minute on the "cold read".  Now, he's reading around 100 per minute on his "cold read" and averages 160 words per minute on his "hot read".  I'm very proud of him and look forward to buying the level 5 app so he can continue and make even more progress this year. Plus, I loved snuggling up on the love seat with him and watching his progress.
If you would like to see what other moms have to say about One Minute Reader head over to Mosaic Reviews!
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charlenetijerina said...

I too love One Minute Reading. I like it better than RazKids, Great Leaps and Six-Minute Solution. I like that the reading is modeled. It really helps the students a lot. They love the app.

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