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EEME-a Mosaic Review


EEME is a monthly electronics project kit that had my kids so excited.  Even though the suggested age range is 7-12, my 12 and 13 year olds really enjoyed the Genius Light Project.  They were begging me to purchase the monthly kits because they had so much fun learning about breadboards and resisters, refreshing their memory on completing a circuit and wiring with this first kit.  I loved the online curricula because I didn't have to do anything but sit back and watch right along with them!
Here's the kit that arrived in our mail.  As soon as Makenzie and Kylan saw it they were immediately excited to get to work on Science. 
 The EEME website is great and the videos that go with each EEME kit are AMAZING!  They walk you step by step through the entire experiment and you can easily go back and re-watch the video if you feel you missed a step.
 Working on the breadboard. The breadboard and a battery(along with some other items) come the first month and they are what you'll build on in upcoming months.  Each month you'll receive additional components so you can add to your electrical knowledge. 

There are 2 different types of pricing plans.  The Builder Basic which is
$18.95 per month or the Builder Pro which is $29.95 per month.  The big difference in the Builder Pro planyou also get an enclosure to cover your completed project every month.

We loved the detailed videos that included instructions, quizzes and the answers to why it all works.

Yeah!  It works, we love it when our homeschool projects turn out better than we expected them too!
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