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Homeschool Programming- a Mosaic Review


When Mosaic Reviews offered us the chance to review Homeschool Programming I jumped at the opportunity.  My son is a gamer, and I'm not talking just a little bit of gaming I'm talking a big time gamer so I thought this would be a great opportunity for him to get his feet wet and learn how to actually make a computer video game.  At first he was really excited but of course it takes some work, it's not actually a video game so then he wasn't as thrilled about the class.  We took it slow only covering about 3 lessons a week and he gradually got more excited about this course.

KidCoder: Windows Programming
  Now, every morning he hops up looks at his schedule and rushes through breakfast because he just can't wait to start working on Kid Coder: Windows Programming for the day.  He truly has found his calling and something that brings him joy, which makes me happy for him!  Right now he's learning the following:
-Introduction to computer hardware, software and programming history
-Using the Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express development environment
-Managing numeric and text data
-Making decisions about program flow
-Obtaining and validating user input
-Working with numbers and math operations
-Working with strings (text)
-Learning how to debug (find errors in) your code
-Learning how to write loops to execute sections of code many times
-Working with arrays (sets of data)
-Publishing your programs to other computers
and last but not least
-Putting it all together – write a simple graphical game (this is the icing on the cake for Kylan!)
This class is recommended for 6th-12th graders.  No previous skills are required except a basic working knowledge of how to use the computer. It does require a windows computer with CD-ROM.  For more info and to purchase this product click on Kid Coder: Windows Programming.  Here are a couple of different options for purchasing this program.
$70.00 KidCoder: Windows Programming (Course Only)
$85.00 KidCoder: Windows Programming (Course & Video)

$20.00 KidCoder: Windows Programming (Video Only)

Now that he's getting the hang of it and enjoying the class I think he'll find the second semester class even more exciting. *Completion of the first-semester KidCoder: Windows Programming course is a pre-requisite to starting this second semester course!

  The 2nd semester is called KidCoder: Game Programming
 Kylan will be able to write basic games, learn game programming techniques and learn to use Visual Basic programming language.  I know he's pumped up about writing his own games, fun times at the Wedemeyer house!

Pricing is the same as the previous program.

$70.00 KidCoder: Game Programming (Course Only)

    $85.00 KidCoder: Game Programming (Course & Videos)
$20.00  KidCoder: Game Programming (Videos Only)
KidCoder: VB Year Pack

Homeschool programming also offers both of the courses that I was just talking about in a bundle pack to save you some money!  Pricing is listed below.

 $120.00 KidCoder: VB Year Pack - (Courses Only)

          $145.00 KidCoder: VB Year Pack - (Courses & Videos)

         $30.00 KidCoder: VB Year Pack - (Videos Only)

TeenCoder Java Series
Homeschool Programming also offers a series for teenagers that are interested in learning Java and Android programming.  Take a peek by clicking here.

 Homeschool Programming has won so many awards that I can't list them all but you are welcome to check them out by clicking here.

To contact Homeschool Programming click on any of the following links:



Homeschool Programming's website

To see what other mom's have to say about Homeschool Programming head over to Mosaic Reviews!
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