Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Reading Game-TOS Review

For ages 4 and up
Price $24.95
My son Kylan struggles with reading so I was really excited when The Reading Game arrived on our front porch.  We pulled it out of the box and started playing it right away, it's very easy to understand the rules and set up is simple.  Kylan already knew most of the words but this game is geared more for early readers and/or special needs learners but it was a fun game and he enjoyed it.  He really liked that all the books revolved around the following animals: Skunk, Snake, Bear, Penguin, Unicorn and Zebra.  All of the books come color coded with matching card games.

The Reading Game is a fast action memory card game that includes 6 illustrated books and 6 sets of cards that go with each book.  Here's a description of the game taken from the website,
"Frequent exposure through play hard-wires these words into long-term memory. The card game requires two players, the student and a tutor. When used in classrooms and reading centers, parent volunteers or student “reading buddies” can easily be shown how to play the matching card game. By transforming rote learning into a fast paced game where there is a winner every few seconds, learning to read becomes fun".

After completing the entire game your student should be able to read the 180 words in the game with ease and almost half of these words are 100 of the most common words used in the English language.  You can also go to The Reading Game website and find the pre and post sight word assessment and test sentence worksheets for each of the six card games.  Be sure to click on the "Educators" page where they are free and available for download.

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